lunes, diciembre 08, 2014

Dedicated to Reading

It has been said that well read people make the best conversationalists.  I've always assumed that to apply to bloggers, too, which is why I read such a wide variety of books.  I don't limit my reading to Christian authors, or to any particular genre.  I like to get other perspectives and thinking on current issues and trends.  I am interested in others' thoughts and opinions.  I just finished a book by a woman who is childless by choice.  Having no children, this is a topic that is of great interest to me.  The book is mostly about how much she hates all the judgement she gets when she tells people, "I don't want kids."  As I read, I wondered why she feels she needs to tell people, "I don't want kids."  A simple "No, I don't have kids" and a change of subject has always worked well for me when the topic came up.  There is no obligation to elaborate.  We all have the right to remain silent and limit our words.  Why she chooses not to exercise this right, especially when she knows from past experience that this unnecessary elaboration only brings about critical judgement and unsolicited advise, is beyond me.  It seems to me that she is purposefully creating an uncomfortable situation that could easily be avoided. 

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