miércoles, diciembre 03, 2014

Fellowship and Forgiveness

This is the book I've been reading for the past few (really rainy) days.  I have only love for Christ and love for family in common with this man . . . but that is enough.  In fact, love for Christ is more than enough for me to have an eternal fellowship with this outdoorsy huntsman who doesn't like-according to his own words-to read or study, this guy who has had a lot of physical fisticuffs in his life, whereas I . . . no.  I can't even bring myself to slap my dog on the wrist.  However, Mr. Robertson is in love with Christ, so we have the same Savior and Lord.  We have the same love.  He talks about forgiving his father for an unruly past, and that is something I needed to hear:  an honest look at forgiveness and how that looks in a family situation.  I am glad I picked up this book, and I am glad that I share an eternal bond of love with many whose lifestyles do not remotely resemble mine.

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