lunes, diciembre 01, 2014

Recap of a Thinky Week . . . in Which I Did a Lot of Thinking.

This has been a heady, cerebral week for me, a week of contemplation and reflection.  I began the week reading an anthology of womens' stories of friendships lost.  This gave me the idea to write freelance, contributing to anthologies, and just like that, a career was born.  Also, inspired by all the stories of the difficulty for mothers to maintain friendships with non-moms, I also ordered two books on childlessness.  I'm currently in the middle of I Must Say by Martin Short.  He shares some really great insights on life and show business.  I really appreciated how clearly he explains the difference between character-based comedy and joke-based comedy.  My preference is the former.  I realized I've always tried to be a comic character my whole life, a funny person who doesn't at all mind-in fact, delights in-being laughed at.  Speaking of laughter, back to the books on childlessness:  the books are both said to be highly entertaining and funny.  I understand that childlessness is a touchy and painful subject for many, but for me, it is a simple fact of my life and one that is entirely out of my hands, so I might as well laugh about it.  Back to freelance writing.  I am so thankful for my friends who greatly encourage me in this pursuit, namely Persnicketta, Petunia Tune, Shaniquah, and M.J.  Everything ties together in that it would be impossible to maintain the deep relationships I have with these women, and very difficult to pursue freelance writing, if I had a child.  And that was my circular week.

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