martes, enero 27, 2015


This is my dearly departed old computer.  I will add a picture of the new one as soon as I figure out how.  Apparently in this new digital age, a new computer is the appropriate gift for anniversary #19.  Device Guy and I spent some time last night learning my new computer.  (Obviously not enough.)  I went for a short (3 mile) hike this morning so that I can relate to the hikers I am reading about, who have no problem hiking 30 miles a day.  Reading about these hikers is interesting, since they are so different from me.  Whereas I try to minimize the aches and pains in my body, the hikers do their best to ignore their aches and pains and push their bodies to do more and go further.  That kind of mindset is beyond me.  It does make for good reading, though, and surprisingly thought-provoking.  I think I deserve an ice-cream and a nap after my 3 miles, so I am wrapping up this post now.

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