jueves, enero 29, 2015

God in the Seasons

As you may know, Device Guy and I lost our beloved Rufus earlier this year.  Looking back over the long time that we had him, I see God's goodness.  Rufus was a gift.  We got him not too long after I was diagnosed with a neurological disease.  The disease was hard and painful, and kept me homebound many days.  Those long days seemed endless.  Had I not had Rufus and his enthusiasm for adventure, I could easily have gotten depressed, and stayed on the couch all day.  As it was, I pushed myself to get better and stay active, partly for his sake.  All thanks to God, my wonderful doctor (also a gift) helped me and worked with me patiently until we found the right combinations and the right doses of the right drugs.  I am no longer homebound, and I rarely suffer from the disease-for now.  Things changed once, for the better, and things could change again.  God provided me with Rufus for the many years, and I will trust God to provide for whatever the future may hold.

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