martes, febrero 24, 2015

Body and Soul.

I think we who are familiar with the Bible all know how many times we are told that we become like those we spend the most time with.  If we spend a lot of time with silly people who are consumed with superficial matters, we will find ourselves, over time,  being less able to concentrate on important issues, and maybe even just apathetic about important issues.  In short, we, too, will become silly and superficial people.  The same holds true for our physical fitness.  If we spend too much time with people who are apathetic towards their physical fitness, we will become apathetic, too.  We can let our self-discipline and our fitness goals fly out the window.  In Proverbs, Solomon praises the industrious ant for looking towards the future, and storing away for times when food supplies are low.  This translates well into physical fitness.  As women, we know that our bones lose density and become brittle as we age.  Strengthening our bodies can slow this process, and also help our bodies heal more quickly from any injury.  It is to our benefit to prepare for our futures now by doing strength training exercises.  This is a good goal, an aspect of our lives where we really need self-discipline.  We need the encouragement and support of friends who see the importance of our goal.  We need to be spending time with people who will help us in our efforts to stay (or get) in shape.  Social support makes achieving our goals-both intellectual and physical-much more likely to happen . . . and friends make the process enjoyable, too!

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