sábado, febrero 28, 2015

Help! But who, when, where and how?

Should we only help those who are poor?  How poor?  All of the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail hikers are temporarily homeless and poor by choice.  A lot of former hikers help out current hikers by leaving stashes of water, candy bars, etc., etc. in coolers on the side of the trail.  Good for them, but people who make themselves poor by choice just don't get any sympathy from me.  I think it's good that the hikers are getting help from people who've been moved to help them; that's just not me.  I saw a documentary about a man, a pastor, who was moved to help the many homeless men who had moved into his community for jobs but couldn't afford to stay in any permanent housing.  This pastor, amid much controversy, allowed many of these men to sleep in his church building and park their RVs and trailers in his church's parking lot.  Tonight, Mr. M and I will have 5 college kids to our house for dinner.  Are these kids poor?  Well, yes, they're college kids.  Are they really poor?  Well, no, they do have plenty to eat, and they do sleep indoors.  It is interesting, God gives us the means to share with others-to help-and it is up to us to choose whom we will help.  Some people and causes will be close to our hearts, and others, though just as worthy, won't.  It is an interesting (to me) thought, connecting hiking books I read, documentaries I watch, and dinner parties we throw.

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