martes, febrero 03, 2015

Enjoying Marriage

Today, Device Guy took me for a hike.  It was a restorative hike, not only physically, but spiritually and maritally.  Life can get so busy, so suddenly, and we can forget to stop and enjoy the people around us.  Device Guy and I each went through our respective morning routines:  I had tea and read, while he had soda and watched TV.  We talked about going for a hike, but nothing was happening.  I asked if I should just go for a hike by my lonesome, but my Guy assured me that if I could just get the ants out of my pants and wait a little, he'd be happy to escort me on a hike.  I at and continued reading about a couple who had hiked the Pacific Crest Trail together as I anxiously waited.  Before too long, Device Guy was ready to start getting ready, and soon we were ready to go.  So we went and had a grand 'ole time.  It was just what the doctor ordered:  enjoying a beautiful day with my husband.  I'm glad I waited for Device Guy to take me and be my escort-I forgot how much I like him and how fun it is to laugh and make jokes and be silly with him.

2 comentarios:

Laurie Price dijo...

You are both too cute! You're glad you waited, and he's no doubt glad he decided to escort you.

The White Wave dijo...

Yes, he was undoubtably the best escort for me.