lunes, marzo 09, 2015

Hiking Books and Washing Apples

I have been reading a lot about cross-country hikes, and likening them to experiences in my little indoor, domestic life.  Last week, I found myself washing about a dozen crates of apples, plus a half a dozen bags of carrots.  That gave me, besides wrinkled and water-logged fingers, a lot of time to think.  I was washing the fruits and vegetables in order to get them fit to be juiced.  I was busy.  I washed fruit in the kitchen and then delivered the clean fruit to the juicing station on the church campus, I did some peeling and cutting there, I made a few juices, I called out the names of the guests and gave them their requested juice, and then I took stock of our fruits and veggies and went back to the kitchen to wash more apples.  (You can never have too many apples in juicing, as the saying goes.)  Like I said, I was busy.  Too busy to sit down for a normal meal, at a normal mealtime.  This I could liken to what I've read so much about; eating whatever you can, whenever you can.  Just getting calories in.  My normally high hygiene standards went way down.  I didn't have time to wash my hands thoroughly before shoving something into my mouth . . . heck, I barely had time to take note of exactly what I was shoving in my mouth! It was a fun opportunity to live out (in a very small and dissimilar way) what I've been spending so much time reading about.

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