sábado, marzo 14, 2015

One Crazy Week

After a busy, 8-hours-a-day week of washing apples and carrots, I got used to not using social media. I didn't have time.  My days were so simple:  go to the church, wash apples all day, go home exhausted and sleep like a rock; wake up and repeat.  I didn't need my computer to tell me who my friends were; my friends were the other girls making juice and the people I saw and talked to throughout the day.  So I forgot about the computer.  It was nice; days were simpler.  I suffered no lack in my life for want of digital communication . . . just the opposite, in fact.  Somehow, my social life was much improved when the computer was kept off.  Today, Mr. M went to race his car, and I stayed home and went hiking.  I will spend the rest of the day reading, and then Mr. M and I will go to dinner and maybe watch a movie.  And I didn't even need a computer to help me plan my day!

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