martes, marzo 24, 2015

Portait of Persnicketta, In Her Words and In Mine.

"I’m just a prairie dog. What does that mean? I’m rather ordinary… plain, with brown fur, brown eyes and a little excess waistline. It means there’s not too much about me that’s special or eye-catching, that I’m committed to my family and my friends, and that I dive into my burrow at the first sign of a hawk. (Or I sound the alarm, if I’m the one on sentry duty.) I’m just a prairie dog with a diva complex."

Persnicketta grew up on the prairie, riding horses and doing other outdoorsy things.  She also learned and mastered many fine domestic skills.  While Persnicketta was out riding horses and collecting herbs, City Squirrel, also known as C.S., was attending a public school in the city, where she mastered nothing.  Despite their differences, Persnicketta and C.S. have become friends.  In this mini-series, I will highlight just a few of the lessons learned from their friendship.

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Anónimo dijo...

My graduation photo! :-P

The White Wave dijo...

You look so scholarly!