miércoles, marzo 25, 2015

A Short Biography of City Squirrel, With Concluding Thoughts by Persnicketta

I, C.S., was born in the great city of Karfoodge.  We are a notoriously rowdy bunch there.  As much as I care for my friends and try not to offend them in any way, my mouth often gets ahead of my brain, and I find myself apologizing often for reckless words.  And although I should know better, I always shrug my shoulders and offer the excuse, "I'm Karfoodgian."  I am a sensitive soul, one my mother once described as "fiercely loyal."  One thing I've learned through the years of friendships with Persnicketta and other prairie dogs, plus gophers, marmots, and meerkats, is the importance of forgiveness and the importance of extending grace and patience to those who are different from us.

"My friend, [City Squirrel], is a lithe, intelligent little lady squirrel. She was born and raised in the city near my prairie dog town. [C.S.], as I like to call her, grew up dancing across telephone wires and seeing life from the vantage point of the treetops." 
"I first met [C.S.] at a mutual friend, Mr. Badger’s, summertime entertainment party. [She] was one of the few city-raised squirrels who took the time to investigate what I might be like underneath my plain, brown, prairie-dog exterior. After meeting multiple times since then for dandelion root tea at a local tumbleweed, we’ve become good friends. [C.S.] is the inspiration for this blog. She also helps me remember where the tumbleweeds are. I am, after all, just a prairie dog."

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