sábado, marzo 28, 2015

Something To Talk About: A Thorny Issue

I think there is a hidden evil among us.  The Greek word for adultery and fornication is the same as the root word for pornography.  I think that, as Christian women, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, fiancees, girlfriends, we must not forget that.  It is a sad reality that pornography is easily accessible, and is accessed often.  We know from James that fresh water AND salt water often come from the same water source.  Applied to pornography, that means that your sweet little son may be looking at porn late at night, and your husband, the faithful seminary student who is an aspiring pastor, may be doing the same thing.  It's a simple question, but one I think needs to be asked.  No long conversation necessary, just a simple, "Do you ever look at porn?" is enough.  Hopefully, the answer will be a simple, "No.", but I think it's naive to think it could never happen in our homes, with people we love.  I know, I know.  Your husband loves you, he serves at church, he's a great dad.  Maybe you have a wonderful boyfriend who worships the ground you walk on.  Maybe you live with a great brother who is adorable and adores you.  The question isn't an accusation; it's a way to show your love for that husband/boyfriend/brother.  The fact is that many men, Christians included, indulge in this dangerous and soul-sucking sin.  Asking doesn't mean you don't trust them; it simply means you are aware of this insidious and ubiquitous evil, and you care about the spiritual states of the men in your life.  I think the question begs to be asked.  I would encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will use this advise in your life.  Remember that light exposes the darkness.

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Linda B. dijo...

Well written, sister!! I worry for our young people - mostly because I have a young person - but this is definitely a topic for ALL. Even women! It truly is a "soul-sucking" disease. Thanks for talking about it.

NeverAlone dijo...
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NeverAlone dijo...

Hey, it's not just the men and boys any more; it's the women and girls as well. Look at the popularity of "50 Shades of Grey." That's just one indication...don't just think it's a male thing. But you're right, we shouldn't assume our family is immune no matter how nice we clean up for church.