viernes, marzo 27, 2015

Meerkats and the Fear of Man

Do you remember the city squirrel and the prairie dog that were talking together in the desert? I have been studying that squirrel and his methods of communication for several years now. I have noticed over the years that he has a tendency to be over-concerned with how his friends view him. When I listened in on his conversation with the prairie dog, I heard him telling the prairie dog about his fear that the prairie dog would misunderstand him on account of his relationship to the meerkats, mongeese and muskrats. In following the squirrel, I have also noticed that he takes a long, long time to really digest and process conversations, and reply with something intelligent. He has been known to take weeks, months, even years to contribute a well-thought out response to a conversation after mulling it over for all that time. He tries his best to be very careful with his words and to convey his thoughts accurately. I could learn a thing or two from the squirrel.

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