miércoles, mayo 27, 2015

Making Peace with Boredom

I remember that my mom told me not to expect her to entertain me.  That's when I began to read voraciously.  I wouldn't go on vacation without a book-still don't.  I was reading today about how social media has made boredom unacceptable to us.  This is often true.  And not just social media, but TV, too.  I have a list written of things I can do-without electricity or money-when I feel bored.  It includes cleaning (I'm rarely THAT bored), working out, going for a walk, reading, of course.  I think we all need some room in our lives to let our thoughts expand and breathe.  We need to learn that we do not need constant entertainment.  I won't be offended if you shut your computer off now and go for a walk.

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