viernes, mayo 01, 2015

My Jurisdiction

God has promised to settle the childless woman in her home.  (Psalm 114:9.)  This is just what He's done for me.  I am very happy in my home.  I'd like to say I'm as happy as a clam, but I don't know for certain that clams are all that happy.  I know I wouldn't be happy if people were kidnapping-or clamnapping-my friends and family to have a big cookout and clambake.  That's besides the point.  What I was saying is that God has been faithful to me in settling me in my home.  I am busy here, as women should be.  (Titus 2:5.)  My feet don't usually go too far from home, and not too often.  Proverbs tells us there is wisdom in having your heart rooted in your home.  (Pro. 7:11.)  My home is going through some major cosmetic changes right now, but it is still my home, the place where I entertain guests even without a couch, chairs, or table.

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