lunes, abril 27, 2015

Centuries of Days

I am currently reading two books.  Though very different in subject and genre, the two tie together quite nicely--just like me and Mr. M.  One book is all about the literal 6-day creation of Genesis.  This book argues that there is no Biblical basis to believe that the earth is more than 6 or 7 thousand years old; that's about 2,555,000 days.  The other book is historical fiction.  It is about a woman living on a ranch in the west back when the west was first being settled.  The interesting thing is, although it has been many, many days since the west was first being settled by ranchers and miners and farmers, life, day-to-day life, isn't really all that different.  Oh, sure, I doubt pioneer wives sat on the porch sipping a mocha made with coconut water after a long hike while men were inside their houses doing drywall work, but I'm sure their thoughts and hearts weren't so different from ours.  I'll bet they, like me or you, sat in their quiet homes in the evenings thanking God that they had homes and families and friends, and also thanking God that they had the financial means to make these home improvements.  I see just what Solomon meant when he said there is nothing new under the sun.  Life for me isn't that different than life has been for other women in other centuries and other places.

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