viernes, abril 24, 2015

The Mysterious Locked-Away Lady

From the window of my childhood room, I could see a house with a green light up the road.  My cousins and I always supposed a witch lived there.  Now, I have a green light on my house (Mr. M loves unique lighting), and I wonder if the neighborhood children think I'm a witch.  Being mistaken for a witch does run in the family.  Before my arrival in the world, my mom once dressed up as a witch one Halloween.  For years after, neighborhood kids really thought a witch lived in our little suburban house.

The thing that brings witches and other creepy, eerie, and mysterious people to mind is that I have been quite the mysterious person today.  Our house has again been crowded by men with power tools, and since I don't feel well, I have only just now ventured out of the bedroom-now that everyone has left for the day.  I stayed in bed all day, hiding under the covers.  It was lovely; I got a lot of reading done.  I also called Persnicketta, hoping that she would deliver a cup of coffee to my bed for a nominal fee, but she was out of town.  Mr. M brought me a cup of coffee, along with a cold chicken sandwich.  He and I talked for a bit.  The workers surely heard the mumbling, and saw Mr. M delivering the foodstuffs to the room.  I can only imagine what they thought.  I wonder if they think Mr. M, like Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, has an insane wife that he keeps hidden away.  My actions are perfectly normal and reasonable if you ask me, but I can't begin to imagine how others perceive me.

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Anónimo dijo...

I rather like the thought of you being possibly likened to Mr. Rochester's hidden-away wife! It's mysterious and intriguing! If I were you, it would make my day much more amusing to pretend to let the construction workers think such a thing. I might even make odd, guttural sounds every now and then to make it even more convincing. But I am easily amused. (This is Laina if you hadn't already guessed that.)

The White Wave dijo...

Well, they didn't know if it was a man or beast in there? It could have been a coffee-drinking, chicken-sandwich-eating monster. It could have been Bigfoot!