domingo, mayo 17, 2015

No Way Back

I have been reading a bit about feminism.  The movement had its heart in the right place, fighting for equal rights for women, but more recent feminism has just gone way too far; to the point of male-bashing and showing no respect for men.  My recent hair experiment, namely, not brushing it for 6 weeks, provides a nice analogy for feminism.  I started out just wanting lower maintenance hair; now it is just out of control.  It is an absolute mess, and I don't know how to go back.  I don't know that I can.  It seems to me that our society is an absolute mess-I read about a woman who impregnated herself with the sperm from a young man who had been led to believe she was going to throw his sperm in the trash.  After she had the baby, she found the young man and sued him for paternity.  Obviously, it was wrong for the man to have sex with a woman he wasn't married to.  But she also used him for his sperm, and then lied to him, and then sued him.  What treachery!  This story was a shock, and unbelievably sad.  Have we gone too far?  Is there any going back?  Are we beyond the point of no return?  We who are Christians have the gargantuan task of modeling for society how men and women can live and work together in harmony and mutual respect.

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