jueves, mayo 14, 2015

I've Settled.

It's raining outside, and I'm here in the little house I share with my beloved Mr. M.  I've had several heart-to-heart conversations with dear friends here this past week.  Earlier, I went to a local school to help the kids practice their reading skills.  I also submitted an article I wrote to a blog that I contribute to, and I agreed to review a book for a small publishing company.  I am so happy and blessed.  Some people would think that I should not be so happy, that I should be more ambitious, that becoming a millionaire or a best-selling novelist should be on my bucket list, but it isn't.  I'm so happy here in this little home with my favorite man in the world, writing little articles to encourage and inspire friend across the globe, listening to and crying with close friends in the living room.  I'm not going to say life is not without its trials-not for me nor for anyone else-, but you don't need an important job or a  big house or a lot of money to be happy and fulfilled.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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