miércoles, mayo 13, 2015

Fear No Foliage--Persnicketta and Poinsettias

Mr. M and I went for a walk in the park yesterday.  I was lamenting aloud about the fact that I only see poinsettias at Christmastime.  Just three days later, Persnicketta and I were visiting at my house, and she told me about her latest and greatest business and marketing scheme . . . she was going to raise the year-round desire for poinsettias, and then cultivate and grow them on her patio, and sell them at local craft fairs and boutiques.  She plans to single-handedly bring poinsettias into perpetual popularity.  She said she had the idea months ago, but knowing Persnicketta and her life motto of "Fear No Foliage", I wouldn't be one bit surprised to learn that she had been hiding in the bushes bordering the park pathway just waiting for some innocent pedestrian to give her her next business idea.

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