lunes, mayo 11, 2015

Why Men Don't Want to Get Married, and What You Can do About it.

A guy was asked on YouTube why he doesn't want to get married.  His answer?  "Too many women are unhappy."  He went on to explain that too many women have bought into the lie that they can-and should-have it all.  Many women want big houses and nice things, and then they are upset that their husbands spend too much time at work.  But the husbands are spending so much time at work so that they can give their wives big houses and nice things!  You just can't have everything.  Judy Garland new that.  Sheryl Crow knows it, too.  She sings, "It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got."  So what can you do?  Well, the guy on the video said a major factor in his not wanting to get married is that he's seen too many divorces and unhappy couples.  So for those of us who are married and happy, we need to let that light shine.  Don't keep your happy marriage hidden under a bushel.  Also, don't be an unhappy, contentious, nagging wife.  For that matter, don't be an unhappy, contentious, nagging single person.  No one wants to go out for coffee with someone like that, let alone live with it!  Second (credit to my mom for giving me this gem of wisdom), get real.  No one is perfect.  Life is never going to go just the way you want.  Deal with it.  Life isn't a romantic comedy all the time: don't expect that.  To sum up, be content, and don't set ridiculous expectations.  This advice doesn't apply just to marriage-your whole life will be happier if you will choose to be content and if you will let go of expectations.

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