viernes, mayo 08, 2015

Seeing Only Half of the Picture

I've been studying male and female relationships.  I think we all know men and women are different, very different, in the way we work and think and relate.  Feminists say that women don't need men.  M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way) say that men don't need women.  I say they are both wrong.  Men and women bring totally different perspectives and strengths to the table, and we all lose out when we understand the world only through a woman's perspective, or only through a man's.  Men need to put themselves in a woman's shoes-NOT LITERALLY!-, and women need to put themselves in a man's shoes, and get a man's perspective, to have a full understanding of both the world at large and any one given circumstance.  We need each other.  We were made for each other, and it is not good for either of us to be alone.  (Genesis 2:18.)

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