sábado, junio 27, 2015

Emily at Home

In the days and weeks following her cancelled trip, Emily spent a lot of time at home recuperating, and she also spent a little time outside, enjoying small town life with her friends.  She realized during these restful days just how wanted and needed she is at home, and also how much she enjoys being at home, living her unexceptional little life.  The trip, obviously, would have been very dangerous and difficult physically, but even more so emotionally.  Assuming she came back home safely, she would no doubt have returned harried and emotionally drained.  She would also have had a hard time not feeling resentment towards her dad, who had wanted her to make the trip.  Her resentment would stem from the fact that she would have missed several important dates on her calendar.  Her small church had special summer get togethers, and she would have missed those and the great opportunities that they are for making good friends and spending quality time with them.  Her dad, not being one to socialize or go out of his way to be friendly to people, could not possibly understand this.  Emily continues to live her unpretentious life in her small town, making the most of every opportunity to be helpful and kind.

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