viernes, junio 26, 2015

A Daughter of my Own

In 2001, my mom gave me a sweet, little keepsake book in which she wished for me that I might someday have a daughter to love as much as she loved me.  She didn't know at the time that that could never happen . . . biologically.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Psalm 113:9.  "He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children."  I love all the examples in the Bible of great men and women who were largely influenced by people other than their biological parents . . . Moses and Esther come to mind.  I've been reading By Design by Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson.  They talk a lot about covenant, about living as one in God's family.  Their covenantal theology emphasizes the church as a family-God's family.  We are to love each other and lean on each other.  We are to declare God's faithfulness from one generation to the next.  (Ps. 145:4.)  No one is excluded in God's family; we are all to praise God . . . young men and maidens, old men and children.  (Ps.148:12.) We all have something to teach, and something to learn.  (Titus 2:1-8.)  Let's be intentional about sharing what we know, and unafraid to ask questions.

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Marie dijo...

That is so sweet. Great post and what a precious note from your mom!

The White Wave dijo...

Thanks, Marie!