miércoles, junio 10, 2015

Media and Social Media

We are all faced with myriads of choices each day.  One of these choices is entertainment.  We can watch TV and observe the lifestyles of such cultural luminaries as the Kardashians, or listen to reporters brutally attack the Duggars, OR we can check our social media and, depending on who our friends are, see what's happening in the lives of more normal and well-adjusted people.  Our friends say a lot about us, and I like to think that what my friends say about me is that I'm a pretty nice and normal, somewhat hip, married lady . . . of course, I DO have a friend who wears a Bigfoot costume around town and makes videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyw90wenL3IRfvBvQi4HzlA/feed?filter=2), and a friend named Persnicketta who is an amateur sleuth, master of talking during movies, and possible CIA secret missions operative.  Odd as they may be, I'd rather know what's going on with Bigfoot or Persnicketta, Shaniqua, Disco Ball or Sweet Briar any day.

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