lunes, julio 20, 2015

A Post About Not Posting

In his book, The Art of Being a Good Friend, Hugh Black says that social media can undercut trust and intimacy in friendship.  He uses the example of a person who is told something intimate by a friend, and feels a special connection to that friend as a result of their sharing such intimate knowledge with him.  He feels his friend has counted him trustworthy enough to share his heart with him.  He feels special . . . until he sees that his friend has shared his heart with all his blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends.  He goes from feeling special to feeling like just another person in the crowd.
I wonder if we sometimes do that to God.  Do we replace "taking it all to Him in prayer" with letting our worldwide audience share in our innermost thoughts and struggles?  Are we undervaluing our times of intimate communion with Him?

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