martes, septiembre 15, 2015

An Exciting Day!

I'm getting a new book today!  (I love books and authors.)  Why Me? by Mindy Kaling will be delivered.  I'm also awaiting the arrival of two books from VA.  (I left them in my friend's car when we were there.)  One is about a South African man in a wheelchair, and how he eventually learns to communicate and participate in life, and the other book is about the meeting and marriage of Martin Luther and his runaway, ex-nun wife.  (By the way, the reason I'm so excited about Mindy's new book is that her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, was so very fun.  The title alone makes me want to be her best friend.)  Speaking of friends, Persnicketta tells me that she is not going to be making any new friends this year.  She has been sent by the Secret Service to an undisclosed location for an indeterminate amount of time.  In an act of solidarity, I will not be making any new friends, either. (I thought about joining her in reading Anna Karenina to feel closer to her, but that book's really long, and I need to focus on Mindy's book . . . which, now that I think of it, if I'm referring to Mindy Kaling on a first name basis, does that make her a friend?  If so, I didn't last very long in this act of solidarity with Persnicketta.)  So don't be surprised if, after introducing yourself to me, I run away with my fingers in my ears singing a Gloria Estefan song . . . or maybe something from The Sound of Music.

On a different note (note, get it?) (It's a musical reference.), last night as Mr. M and I were crossing a major intersection on the way to the mall for dinner, (we go there a lot, but more on that later), we saw a car just like mine.  I stared and I waved, and I'm ashamed to say I also knit my brows.  One of the reasons I love my unique car is its uniqueness.  I'm not sure how I feel about there being a car exactly like mine in the neighborhood.  There ain't room enough for the two of us in this town.  This wasn't the first time I saw my car's twin.  I actually parked right next to it at a restaurant, and I passed it on the street once and yelled a very audible, "Hey!!!"

Anyway, Mr. M and I were enjoying dinner at the mall, as we often do.  We ate and we talked, and Mr. M told me that the S family sees us at the mall so often that they have made a game of it.  The first person in their family of 4 to have an M sighting gets to pick where they will eat that night.  Mr. M and I like to be that kind of salt and light in society.

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