viernes, septiembre 18, 2015

Animal Poems

Her name is Fluffy,
my precious cat.
I took her picture
when she curled up in my hat.
I posted the picture
after my hike.
I posted the picture,
but you didn't press "like."
Both Fluffy and I
were so offended,
don't be surprised
if you find yourself UNFRIENDED.
I've written of my cat,
the story of Fluffy.
She likes to sleep
curled up in my hat. 
I need to tell you something
about my little Fluffy:
I'm sure she has lots to say,
but her nose is too stuffy.
If Fluffy's ever spoken,
I don't know what she said.
I can't imagine the thoughts
that run through her head.
I was at a farm,
looking at a cow.
It turned to me and said,
"Hello, Ma'am. Meow."
So cats don't talk,
but cows do,
and it's a mistake
to think they just say "moo."
I do wish Fluffy
was more outspoken.
She could yell at our cow,
who is hot housebroken.


The other day,
I went down to the bog.
While I was there,
I caught a big frog.

She wanted to stay,
to stay in the bog,
to stay there and raise
her precious pollywog.

So I started for home,
and I saw a hog.
I made him promise
to look after the frog.

I went on home,
through the mist and the fog.
When I got home,
I was glad to see my dog.

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