jueves, septiembre 17, 2015

Getting Comfortable With the Ball

I have discovered that volleyball is not a sport that one can just jump into casually; there is a period of adjustment.  The sport must be approached respectfully.  The aspiring player must be decisive and authoritative, especially when it comes to the ball.  This is why it is so essential to show the ball who's boss.  (You, the player; you're the boss.  Always remember your job is to be the boss of the ball.)  This is why Phase 1 of volleyball must be taken slowly and with great determination.  Phase 1 is:  Getting Comfortable With the Ball.  This may take several weeks.  You will want to take an hour each day to roll the ball down the street, run after it, and pick it up.  Then stand with the ball, first with it in both hands, then in one hand, eventually passing it back and forth from one hand to the other, and then, only when you feel comfortable, you can try holding the ball in one hand while the other hand is resting on your hip.  (That is an advanced stance and should only be attempted after a full week of hand-on-ball contact.)

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