miércoles, septiembre 09, 2015

Rain, Dinner Date, and Volleyball

The first official social media reveal of Monday's big purchase.  (The ball already made two unofficial reveals at two Labor Day parties.  I decided not to bring it to my Titus Two meeting, which I think was a good call.)  Today has been exceptional on a few fronts:  First, my town got some rain.  The land was dying-literally-of thirst, so the rain was a cause for celebration--and celebrate I did, by taking a picture (or two) of it.
 It was a surprise storm, and not long-lasting, but it quenched the thirst of our land for a while.  Second, I had a dinner date with a dear friend who encouraged me to write a blog post about my sad but enduring efforts to coach a volleyball team.  Third, after dinner, I met the team and the other coaches (high school kids who really know how to play volleyball) at the community gym.  I asked one of the coaches-a girl half my age-some basics of the game.  I must say, I played a lot better than I did last week, and I felt better.  They say possession is nine tenths of the law.  It is also nine tenths of feeling confident and capable.  Just owning a volleyball made me strut around confidently, as if I know what I'm doing on a volleyball court.  As if I'm not offering up silent prayers whenever the ball comes towards me that someone else will get it.  I'm hoping to talk some of my friends into going to the park (that is right across the street from my house) to help me practice (with the volleyball I own) and to give me some pointers.

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