sábado, septiembre 26, 2015

Rough Draft

I had some thoughts written down in my journal about ideas for stories about me if I had made different choices in life.  But I don't think I want to write those stories, as I enjoy my life as it is, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I may have made some poor choices, but I ended up OK.  I wouldn't change any of my choices . . . except for that time in college when I cut my own hair.  You'd think, when you wear your hair in a French braid everyday, that you could just French braid it one day and cut of the bottom without it looking funny.  Apparently not.  I have been more and more able to take a few day's break from social media, which is like taking a vacation on a remote ranch . . . except that I still meet friends for lunch, and drive into the city regularly, and play volleyball and softball weekly.  I really know nothing about life on a ranch or a farm (Is there a difference?), but it seems relaxing to be able to focus on just a few things-raising cattle or chickens or apple trees or making fences-rather than spreading yourself so thin by having a million things on your plate.

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