miércoles, septiembre 30, 2015

Lessons From the Waiting Room

First, let me be clear; I am talking about the waiting room of life; I am simply talking about time, a time of waiting, waiting on God.  For me, the thing I am waiting for is a dog.  I miss having a dog greet me at the door when I come home at night.  Mr. M and I miss the amusing antics that any dog invariably does around the house.  In searching for a dog for us, Mr. M and I have different wish lists.  
I am very blessed in that Mr. M takes me and my desires and limitations into account as we go about our dog hunt.  We found out last night that big is out.  We went to see a husky, and when I tried walking him, it is no overstatement to say that I was terrified.  If he were to lunge at a squirrel, I would take a face-first dive into the pavement.  He was just to big for me to control.  As I say, I am blessed to have a husband who is considerate of me when there are major family decisions to be mad.  Sad to say, but that is not always the case.  I know husbands who don't give consideration to their wives, even in decisions that will have a daily impact on their lives.  I am blessed by Mr. M.  I am blessed with Mr. M.  As much as I love and appreciate him, though, he is not my savior.  As much as he loves me, there is One who loves me more.  God is the one who loved me enough to give me life, shelter, salvation, loving parents, and He is the one who gave me Mr. M.  We are all blessed by people in our lives-family, friends, neighbors, but we must remember to look past them and to give thanks to the God who put them in our lives.  God is the one who softens people's hearts to act kindly towards us.  The kindness of others towards us is a direct demonstration of God's kindness to us.  Genesis 39:21 says that God caused Joseph's prison guard to show him kindness because God loved Joseph.

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