jueves, octubre 01, 2015


I don't often review books before I've even gotten them, but this one was recommended by several trusted friends who did read it, and other reviewers said it was great.  I find that my enemy #1 is bitterness-not about anything in particular, just the normal hardships of life and aging.  I don't want to be that grumpy, no-fun Christian the media loves to portray.  That is why I just ordered the book, Happiness by Randy Alcorn.  From all accounts, it is a thorough treatise on the very Biblical ideal of happiness.  From the cover, the book doesn't urge Christians to pretend that life is always happy and light, but it does show Christians that happiness is our ideal.  We must not make it an idol, but we do keep it as our ideal.

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Georgene G. dijo...

I look forward to reading your review. I've been tempted to order the book, myself!