viernes, octubre 02, 2015

Showing Up . . . With a Burger

Yes, this is the same book from yesterday's post, but I took yesterday's photo down because I like the brown background better.  (Go ahead and call me overly meticulous; I don't disagree.)  That is the whole reason for today's post:  to justify putting up a different picture.  I just read a couple pages today before I was reminded of a time when someone showed up for me in a special way . . . with a burger.  Mr. M and I had just had to cancel our family vacation plans, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars.  He had come home sick and only gotten sicker.  Towards the end of his sickness, he got pink eye.  We went to the E.R. and got him better, only to find out that I had gotten pink eye.  Mr. M was, by then, not contagious, and well enough to go back to work. I was left to take care of myself while avoiding contact with the outside world.  When my stomach began telling me it wanted lunch, I remembered my Christian neighbor.  I called her, and asked if she would get me a burger from somewhere, and, to be on the safe side, she could just leave it on my porch and ring the doorbell without having to have any contact with me or my pink eye.  It was a pretty simple request, I think.  (Maybe there were lions out roaming the streets that day.  I just don't know.)  Lions or no lions, that simple act of kindness filled not only my stomach, but it filled my heart with gratefulness for the kindnesses that our friends show us.

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