jueves, octubre 22, 2015

The Puzzling Person of Persnicketta

I am thoroughly stymied as to the whereabouts of my friend.  I have only a few clues to go on at present.  The first clue is a movie that recently came out--a movie that is about so much of the things Persnicketta loves (adventure, rappelling, hiking/showshoeing, taking huge physical risks, pushing the boundaries, and eating cold beef stew), coupled with my friend's foray into the world of film.  Could the timing of all this be a coincidence?  I think not.  The movie contains high-altitude feats of bravery and fearlessness that few-Persnicketta being one of the few-would attempt.  The movie of which I speak is Everest.  My suspicions grow.  Could Persnicketta be trying to break into Hollywood by way of the Himalayas?  She was stocking up on oxygen before she left, but she claimed to be getting ready for a spelunking trip.  Is there a way to find out the names of everyone on the slopes of Mt. Everest without going there myself?  I would go, but the transmission on my yak is out, and she'll be in the shop for at least another month.

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