miércoles, noviembre 11, 2015

Praying for our Enemies

This has seemed to me hard to apply; but now having a broader view of my enemies, and knowing that means the enemies of my soul, those who persecute me and cause turmoil in my soul (sometimes unknowingly), it is much easier for me to pray for those who persecute me and unknowingly cause a disturbance in my soul.  As Jesus was being crucified, He prayed for His executors, asking His Father to forgive them since they didn't know what they were doing.  (Luke 23:34.)  That is the perfect model of how we are to pray for our enemies.  Our enemies may not even know what they are doing when they sow the seeds of doubt in our souls, for the eyes of their hearts have not been opened.  Some of persecutors may even think they are helping us to be more hip and cool and socially acceptable when what they are really doing is an attempt to undermine our faith.  We need to pray for them, and we need to pray for ourselves, to remain firm in our Biblical convictions.

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