viernes, noviembre 27, 2015

Who Do You Think You Are?

That drunk lady the other night (I'll call her Sheila for no good reason) gave me a lot to think about.  I believe she said she doesn't want to be like me when she is 40.  (She is 31.)  (I can only say that I believe that's what she said because words don't come easily to drunk people.)  Assuming that is what she said, I don't blame her.  I was, to her mind, boring and guarded.  I don't deny either.  If boring means I don't make a habit of losing control of myself or dancing around or being flirtatious, then I am very boring.  If not being flighty and having my head in the clouds and following half-baked and fanciful notions about life and spirituality is boring, then I am very boring, and proudly so.  As to being guarded, heck yeah, you bet I was guarded in a room full of strangers in Hollywood late at night!
I am blessed to have in my life many wonderful and Godly women who I do want to be like.  They are all devoted to Christ while also being able to fully enjoy a great belly laugh.  At the top of the list is my mom, devoted to Christ, level-headed and realistic, and a barrel of laughs.  I don't really know anyone I don't want to be like in some way, because if someone has no quality I consider worthy of imitation, it is unlikely that that person is among my friends.  The one example that comes to mind of someone I don't want to be like is Hyacinth, from Keeping Up Appearances.  (It's on Netflix.)  Hyacinth is very proper, and she is determined that everyone should know it.  She brags endlessly on her wealthier family members, while trying to hide and disassociate herself from the others.  She is endlessly judgmental, and unbelievably insincere and unfriendly.  Her neighbors are scared off by her pretentiousness.  This is something I definitely want to avoid; I want to avoid bringing shame to the name of Christ.  I want to be a good ambassador.  I want to live such a good and sincere life among my neighbors that those who don't believe will see my good works and glorify God on the day He returns.  (1 Peter 2:12.)  I want to live in such a way that I adorn the Gospel, and make the teachings of Christ attractive.  (Titus 2:10.)

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