jueves, noviembre 26, 2015

A Sudden Shift in Perspective, or Making Lemonade Out of Lemons.

I have often said that I read a wide variety of books and go a wide variety of places so that I have something to write about.  Well, that is what happened, but it was not intended to happen.  What I intended to do was to share with all my readers that I read through this book every few years to examine my own heart regarding friendships.  I always find it beneficial to think about the motives behind my actions, and those of my friends.  Instead, what happened was this:  I went to a popular bar in Hollywood with Mr. M to hear special music by some of his musical heroes.  He stood near the stage in the small venue, while I got a comfy seat at the bar.  I amused myself by counting the number of wanna-be rockers in the place, and trying to list my Netflix shows from memory.  That went on for several hours.  During the last hour of the show, a woman cozied up to me-way too cozy for my comfort-and started whispering to me with very strong and unpleasant beer breath.  She said a lot of crazy things, claimed to be a Christian dropping F-bombs like dandelion petals, interviewed me for her newspaper column, asked to be my friend on Facebook (I said no), asked me for my  phone number (I gave her the number of a local business).  She also told me I was pretty and asked if I would take off my glasses.  (I said no.)  She asked again if I would let her try on my glasses, and again I said, "no."  She was leaning against me for the duration, sometimes stroking my hair, sometimes letting her hand fall on my knee.  My heart was racing more than it does when I go for a jog.  I just wanted to leave, but there was nowhere to go.    I got rather firm with her towards the end, making it clear that I was married and that I wanted to be left alone.  Providentially, it was just at that moment that the fire marshall came and we were all ordered out of the building.  I left, and didn't look back.  Once home, I picked up this book again, and I realized just how blessed I am with my friends, imperfect and sometimes trying to my patience as they are, my closest friends are still devoted lovers of Jesus who don't cuss, and who don't drink to the point of drunkenness or loss of control.  I realized tonight what a blessing I have in my friends, and I think I can just put this book back on the shelf for another few years.

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