miércoles, diciembre 09, 2015

Weeds in the Garden

The garden inspectors came to inspect my garden the other day.  Their job is to find and eradicate weeds.  They found several in my yard, but it was impossible to determine at the time whether they were harmless weeds that can be simply pulled and forgotten about, or the more serious weeds that spread through the entire yard, infecting all of it.  The inspectors will come back in 6 months to take a closer look at the weeds and determine what kind of action needs to be taken.  If the weeds turn out to be the problematic kind, the inspectors will have to spread poison over the entire yard, killing not only the weeds, but also the rosebush, crabapple tree, and all my cactus plants.  I am, of course, hoping the weeds can be simply pulled and forgotten about, but only time will tell.  I have 6 months to forget about the matter, and to pray about it, and to hope that any drastic and devastating measures will be unnecessary.

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