lunes, enero 18, 2016

Recharging at 40

40 hit me hard.  I've had moments-fleeting moments-of thinking that the majority of purpose is my life is behind me.  In my more rational moments, though, I know this is not true.  I remind myself of the recent past, for example, the 5k I walked last weekend (in just under 40 minutes.  It was literally just seconds under 40 minutes.  I was watching the clock as I passed, glad I wouldn't have to run to get a time under 40.)  It wasn't just the race that reminded me that I still have plenty of purpose in life; it was also seeing old friends from college who were also doing the 5k, plus seeing new friends who are in college.  Life is changing, family is changing, new friends are coming into our lives, and that all means new opportunities-opportunities to grow and change and love and to learn new things.  This  mature dog is eager to learn new tricks.

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