lunes, enero 04, 2016

The Leaf That Got Carried Away by The Wind

I was alone on the ground, a lone purplish leaf among orange leaves.  I was different.  There had to be other purple leaves out there somewhere, but I didn't know where to find them.  Then, mercifully, the Wind came one day and carried me away.  I asked Him why He had picked up only me.  He said He made the tree I came from, and He made all the other leaves.  He always knew I would be different, and He was just waiting for the right time to come and take me to the place where all the other purple leaves get together to learn more about Him and to spend time loving each other and having fun.  We came to the place where all the other purple leaves gather, and I have stayed with them ever since.  I still love the orange leaves I grew up with, and I am grateful for all they've taught me, but I'm also extremely grateful to the Wind for having carried me to the place I feel most at home, with the other purple leaves.

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