miércoles, diciembre 23, 2015

3 Subjects

It is only just afternoon, and already it has been an eventful day.  The first strange, bewildering and yet wonderful thing was that I saw Mrs. M baking for the first time.  The aroma was heavenly.  Cranberries, white chocolate, oatmeal and pecans.  That alone would have made the day great.  The second thing is more philosophical.  I need to be more friendly.  That is something I'm definitely going to work on.  It's just so hard to see the good in other people when you hold Mr. and Mrs. M as the standard!  I know I won't be alone in this endeavor, because I have heard Mrs. M talking to her friends (when will she ever learn that I understand everything she says?) about being friendly and not wanting to turn into a crabby, complainy lady.  The third thing is just unheard of-but totally welcome-to me.  I was given a gift just for being so darn cute.  Mrs. M was actually officially congratulated for her discernment in choosing such a cute and cuddly little dog, and I was given a prize!  It is the most wonderful time of the year, but I didn't expect this!!  I hope your days with family and friends are as wonderful and exciting as mine have been.  Merry Christmas!

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