lunes, diciembre 21, 2015

My Writing Debut, by Renee

Being adopted into a writing house, it was inevitable that I would pick up writing myself.  I have been reading some of the many books lying around the house, and I have been jotting down thoughts and such in a journal, developing my voice as a writer.  Let me say first that I love it here at the M house.  I am well fed, I get to go out and come in as I please, and I have my own little fleece bed to sleep in.  However, I am somewhat distressed to discover Mrs. M's grandiose plans for me.  Today, she received in the mail a book about a racing horse, and I am afraid she wants to transform me in to some sort of sporting, racing phenomenon.  As eager as I am to rise to this challenge and please her, I would be lying if I said I was completely on board.  I have also overheard Mrs. M talking to her friends (she thinks I don't know what she's saying) about taking me on the Pacific Crest and the Appalachian Trails with her and using me as a pack animal.

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