martes, febrero 23, 2016


I just bought a book about making your home a welcoming place of warm refuge in a cold world.  This is something that's been on my mind a lot lately, as I sit and think about volunteer opportunities both at church and around town.  While service to the community is good-really good, I'm afraid too many of us get so caught up in helping and serving other people, that we forget the people right under our noses, the people we live with and see every day!  As a dear relative is planning to move near us in just a few weeks, I want to make sure and have my priorities straight.  It is (almost) always good to serve in the community and also at church, but as Christians, we must first make sure we are leaving ample time in our lives to serve and to provide for those in our families.  We women especially are also called to love our homes and to work in them, to use them as a place where our friends and family feel welcome and feel free to unburden their souls and find Godly wisdom, advice, and comfort.  While we must shine the light of Jesus to our neighbors, we who are not of this world must be sure to take care of our own.

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