jueves, febrero 18, 2016

Summary of a Visit

A friend came to visit me today.  She is one of my favorite friends to visit with, since our conversations are always very well-rounded and substantial.  There was the usual and ubiquitous tomfoolery and friendly lightheartedness, but we also talked quite a bit about priorities and time.  I told her that I often pray in Spanish, and that in that lovely language, there is a word-importarse-that means to make something important to you, and there is another word-importante-that means that something is important--factually and objectively important.  In my prayers, I ask God to show me what is important, and to help me blow away the chaff that is only important to me, in my mind, because I made it that way-all that dumb stuff and drama that I allow to take up too much space in my head.

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