martes, abril 19, 2016

A Fight for Family

Family:  you can't live without them even when you think you'd like to.  Family is fun.  It isn't always pretty, and it can be downright nasty sometimes, but it is almost always fun.  Family means big gatherings at Christmas with bright gifts and a big, satisfying meal, and family also means your dad hiding on top of the RV for hours just waiting for you to come out of the door so that he can pour water on you.  Like I said, fun.  Family is on my mind this week, since I had breakfast with a friend earlier.  Her husband and mine are both out of town for business, so she and I decided to get to know each other.  The one thing that is the most influential in making you who you are is your family-the people with whom you shared Christmas dinners and family vacations.  So family was the starting point for our conversation.  That same night, I went to a support rally for, a legal matter that is tearing apart a family in my community.  The overwhelming injustice that exists in the world seems beyond hope, and I don't know how I can help stop sex slavery or racial inequality, but I do know I can say hi to the people I usually only see at Christmas, and I can give my dad a call to catch up (even though he poured water on me on what was surely an otherwise lovely vacation.)  (I'm sure we weren't in the midst of a severe drought then.)

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