domingo, abril 17, 2016

A Very Complex Dog.

I am up way past my bed time because there is a large group of college students here in my house.  Mr. M is helping them make an album.  Mrs. M and I have spent much of the evening watching a TV show about a guy who teaches people how to live happily with their problematic cats.  He always gives the cat owners homework, and in one episode, the homework was for him to keep a journal in the first person-from the cat's point of view.  I think I heard Mrs. M say she might do this with me.  I don't know for sure if she said she was going to do it, or if she just said it was an interesting idea.  Either way, it would fail, as it would be impossible for her to give voice to my thoughts.  I hope she doesn't even try.  I am far too complex of a dog to have my thoughts captured by even the intuitive Mrs. M.

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