viernes, abril 15, 2016

A Must-Read Article YOU WON'T BELIEVE!

I've spent too much time combing through my digital pictures archives.  I am terrible at organization, and have little foresight, so that many of my files are simply named, "September": no year, no description, no possibility of being any more vague.  I was looking for a picture of a blue flyer I saw taped to a telephone pole near my house many years ago.  The flyer simply said, "FOUND:  PET BIRD."  This came to my mind the other day, and I had a few questions:  how did they know the bird was a pet, and how did they catch the bird?  I have a couple of theories:  1.  A couple was on a bird watching excursion in the woods when they saw, through their binoculars, a colorful bird with a diamond (probably fake)-studded collar around its neck.  As they were prepared for anything, they had a net, so they caught the bird and brought it home.  2.  A couple was at an outdoor cafe having a light midday meal (pasta salad), and for some reason, they thought the sparrow pecking at the crumbs on the ground was a pet, so they got their net (they always carry a net with them) and caught the "pet" bird and brought it home.  Oh, all the mysteries you come across in the suburbs!

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