lunes, abril 04, 2016

Perspectives on Productivity and Lunch Dates

Mr. M and I recently took a vacation abroad, and the thing he liked most about it was the very thing that I found most unpleasant:  waking up and having no agenda for the day.  No to-do list or chores.  He enjoyed the rest, while I just felt as useless as a bump on a log.  I longed to be productive:  to vacuum (the hotel people really frown on guests doing this), to take Renee for a walk (she stayed home), to check in on my friends (they were an ocean away.)  Tim Challies, an author and book reviewer, is a guy who'd be interesting to have lunch with.  He recently wrote a book on productivity.  Mr. M was asking me if there was any guy I'd like to have lunch with, and Tim Challies was the only one (besides Mr. M.)  (Mr. M also asked me what lady, of all the ladies in the world, I'd like to have lunch with, and my answer was Persnicketta.  I know she is famous only to a relatively small group, but Persnicketta never disappoints.  She and I have had lunch many times, and it has always been enjoyable.  As much as I'd like to meet Gwen Stephani, I might be disappointed in her.  I don't know if Pat Benatar and I have enough in common to keep up a conversation.  I wouldn't have much to say to Jennifer Garner, either.  Persnicketta and I always run out of time before we run out of things to talk about.  Plus, with Persnicketta now galavanting and cavorting all over the wide world, we can't just do lunch at the drop of a pin anymore, so if I can get a lunch date with her arranged, then I'm all over it.)  But back to productivity.    I enjoy being productive, and being productive means prioritizing.  In my life, I prioritize God, Mr.M, my family, my church family, and my neighbors-people in my 'hood that I see on a regular basis.  I have recently said "no" to some volunteer opportunities so that I can say "yes" to other opportunities that line up with my priorities.  I want to leave enough unscheduled time in my schedule so that I can be fully present and engaged with people who need my full attention.  What I don't want-what I'm tired of-is having to run off to the next thing.  Keeping a flexible schedule allows me to be productive and keep my priorities straight.

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Anónimo dijo...

I am HUGELY honored...however, I still hope a lunch-date with a truly famous woman is still somewhere in your future. :-D


The White Wave dijo...

I think that will still be you. I think you will be truly, hugely famous soon.